The World's First Toddler Lab

A project by: Birkbeck, University of London


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Another four shares on Twitter means an extra £20 on the total!

Excited to see another 20 shares, all on Twitter this time, with the hashtag #BBKToddlerLab amounting to £100 towards the total. We're at 97% with just over three days to go!

Great way to contribute with society!

We've had 22 more social media shares with the hashtag #BBKToddlerLab = £110 added to the total. Keep sharing the hashtag and spreading the word to watch the total grow!

Thanks to 88 social media shares with the hashtag #BBKToddlerLab, we've added £440 to the total. Spread the word - each post with the hashtag generates a £5 donation !

I have ADHD and it's affected my life in innumerable ways. Being diagnosed in adulthood is helpful, but having the help and support through childhood would have meant a totally different life for me. I hope these children can benefit from the increased awareness and understanding you are helping to create. Thank you so much!

This is a really original, impactful project and I'm really pleased to be able to do something small to support this initiative - good luck with the lab and all your future work!

Good luck with this important task. Toddlers Lab will be really useful.

A fantastic institution and a worthy cause!

I need no rewards thanks, just use the donation!

Good luck Birkbeck towards your goal of having the world’s first toddler lab. 🍀

This is a marvellous project. My daughter is a speech and language therapist with an MSc from UCL and a particular interest in children so I am very interested in this research as she will be too.

An inspirational and very important project. Well done Birkbeck

Keep up the good work. I really enjoyed my time as a mature student and grateful for the opportunity

Good luck with the project, my son has autism and as a graduate of BBK I fully support this. :-)

We are delighted to launch the campaign with a gift of £1,000 from alumnus Edward Glover CMG MVO and Dame Audrey Glover DBE.